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Athlete Training

Our athlete training programs are designed to Motivate your mind, Activate your body, and Dominate your competition. Each one-hour session is designed to enhance the sport-specific application of speed, quickness, agility, power, strength, and stamina.

Each athlete receives personalized assessment and programming to meet and exceed their individual and team expectations. Our developmentally appropriate programs are carefully devised and supervised by our experienced staff to ensure that each athlete (regardless of age or level) is training is a safe, healthy, and effective manner.

Unique to our methodology is the incorporation of both physical and mental training skills within each workout/program. We utilize current research and practice in designing training sessions to maximize performance by strengthening the total athlete. Our programming includes options for individual, small group, and team training.

Fitness Training

Getting (and staying) in shape is not an easy task. It requires physical exertion, personal sacrifice, diet management, time commitment, and hard work. Each of these demands can jeopardize your fitness goals. Our services at MBX Training are designed to prevent any of these (or other constraints) from interfering with your much-deserved healthier and happier lifestyle. We are not a health club, and you are not a number. Instead, we are a physical and mental training center designed to meet the unique needs of each person seeking to enhance life.

At MBX Training, our focus is your focus. Our personal training staff is trained and certified/licensed to offer you the physical and mental support necessary to assist you in optimizing your potential. We strictly and proudly follow a “strength-based” approach in all training sessions; one that empowers every client with the understanding that any goal is attainable, and that each person is worthy of such attainment. The training sessions are designed to challenge your existing levels of fitness and conditioning by combining a variety of exercises and skills that eliminate stale or boring workouts regimens. In doing so, the scope of training changes from being a necessary evil of being in shape, to an exciting and dynamic reward for being so committed to yourself. Life is hard enough, fitness should be fun. Our programs are created to give you the best fit in getting fit.

  • personal training
  • boot camps
  • Pilates
  • group training
  • Yoga

Clinical services

MBX Training offers and promotes mental health counseling services. Our clinical support programs are designed to provide the most appropriate and effective interventions of mental health issues. Most treatment plans include the combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy and physical fitness in establishing a more healthy and functional mindset. Our treatment services have been very successful in treating depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug use/abuse, eating, and body image disorders. Family education and intervention services are also available.

Each session is performed discreetly and confidentially, adhering to all ethical codes of therapy as established by the American Counseling Association. Please contact us for further information. However, in a crisis situation, please contact 911 or visit the local hospital emergency room for immediate psychiatric assistance.


Pilates is a method of exercise designed to increase strength, endurance and flexibility.  Based on the classical teachings of Joseph Pilates, consistent practice of Pilates (or “Contrology”, as Joseph Pilates called it) results in numerous benefits including healthy breathing, enhanced core strength, and improved posture and balance.  Pilates can be practiced on a mat or on various pieces of apparatus (reformer, tower, chair, barrel).  People of ALL ages and physical abilities can benefit from Pilates.  MBX Training offers Pilates for fitness and athletic development. Group/Team mat classes as well as individual mat and reformer instruction services are offered.

Brain Training

Neurofeedback & Biofeedback: Advanced personal training for the regulation and enhancement of human physiology and neurology. Biofeedback utilizes heart rate, skin conductance, respiration, and muscle tension to assist in the control of our autonomic nervous system and our response to stress. Neurofeedback trains the brain to be more balanced, focused, relaxed, and alert. Both applications have been proven effective in treating anxiety, ADHD, addiction, depression and other clinical issues, as well as increased performance in athletics, performing arts, academics, and the workplace.

NeuroTracker: Innovative technology designed to and increase performance through visual tracking training. Developed by world-leading neurophysicist Dr.Faubert, it trains multiple object tracking skill using a large 3D display and challenges athletes to spread their attention by tracking many targets at high speeds.

On-Site Presentations

MBX Training also welcomes the opportunity for schools, businesses, and organizations to invite us to offer presentations for their constituents. Recent projects/topics include “How to improve your student’s performance”, “How to maximize your team’s athletic potential”, “Anti-Bullying programming for schools”, “Just say Know: Drug and Alcohol Education and Prevention for students and parents”, “BOSS: Business Optimization & Success Strategies”.


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