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Train like the pros. Our Excel classes are designed to enhance all facets of athletic development. Each workout includes the skills and drills to increase flexibility, stability, quickness, speed, strength, power, and endurance. Strive for performance excellence!


Build a better physique. This adult workout class combines a variety of strengthening and toning exercises for building lean muscle and burning unwanted body fat. The perfect fit for getting fit. Also offered at lunch-time for those with busy mornings and evenings.


Our conditioning class is designed to increase stamina and cardiovascular fitness, while also burning off steam, stress, and fat. Come in motivated, leave exhausted!


Extreme Boxing! Intense workout class combining boxing, mixed martial arts, military combatives, and fitness. Let out some stress and aggression while strengthen and toning your body. Have fun, work out, and learn self-defense all in the same session!


100% pure speed training. This class is like track practice, with full focus on the key elements of human speed development. Each session includes technical instruction on stance & start, acceleration, and top speed, as well as the mindset necessary to run fast.


Attention Cross-Country runners, marathoners, and weekend warriors! This strength and conditioning class is designed specifically for distance runners. Train wiser not longer…logging more miles is not always the best way to run better. Specialized exercises designed to strengthen the body’s response to the demands of endurance running, and to maximize each runner’s race mindset and performance.


Pure power and strength training class! Designed for those who just want to lift weights and get strong, this class offers instruction of all power and Olympic lifts, while also pushing you to maximize your strength and size potential.


Experiential Resilience Training. For those having a tough time dealing with their worlds, this course is for you. Along with a session filled with building a stronger body, group members learn new skills and drills designed to increase confidence, will-power, behavioral control, and mental strength. Don’t concede challenges…conquer them!


Extreme Changeover: Total personal transformation! For those who don’t simply want to exercise, but want/need change. This is a specialized program designed to support each group member through the process of change. Using personalized goals, improvement markers, and positive yet powerful reinforcement, this program provides the structure and support to earn sustainable personal changes to their bodies, minds, and lives.

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